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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Rough Cuts - Candidate Number 20 : Jake Ng

Been busy lately due to other committments but I am back !  Here's Candidate Number 20 : Jake Ng under our Rough Cuts footage :)

Here we have a rather stoned and serious looking Jake posing with his candidature number in casual wear :

Bringing out the sportsman in him, we saw a remarkable change in facial expression to a sunny, athletic fit man when he posed in his swimwear.  See him in a totally unedited shot below.  Certainly looking good !

Profile : Jake is the younger twin brother of another candidate, Drake who will also be featured later on.  He has just finished his polytechnic studies and is now awaiting for NS enlistment this year   We eagerly anticipate more photoshoot coverage of him and the extent of his photogenity. 

His Best Feature : Eyes

His Favourite Sport : Muay Thai

His Vitals :
  • Age : 20
  • Chest : 39"
  • Waist : 32"
  • Hip : 37"
  • Height : 1.77 m
  • Weight : 74 kg
  • Shoe Size : 10 (UK)
  • Eyes : Black
  • Hair : Dark Brown
  • Race : Chinese
  • Shirt Size : Large
  • Collar : 16"
Here's a cute shot of Jake when he first started out his freelance modelling stint with Style House : 

Stay glued for more updates at the end of our Rough Cuts segment as we announce the names of those candidates who made it to the final cut ! 

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Rough Cuts - Candidate Number 1 : Anthony Chew

Next up on our Rough Cuts random candidate footage, we have Candidate Number 1 : Anthony Chew.

Complete raw footage shot of our athletic built Anthony with his candidate number posing in swimwear :

Here's another shot of Anthony in casual wear :

Profile : Anthony is currently an undergraduate at the Singapore Institute of Management.  Though a freelance model, he can be seen endorsing local ads.  Notable achievement : Anchoring himself as a Groovin' underwear model and his product shots has since been used in Japan and overseas for the international brand ! 

His Best Feature : Eyes

His Favourite Sport : Track and Field

His Vitals :
  • Age : 24
  • Chest : 38"
  • Waist : 31"
  • Hip : 36"
  • Height : 1.75 m
  • Weight : 65 kg
  • Shoe Size : 9 (US)
  • Eyes : Black
  • Hair : Black
  • Race : Chinese
  • Shirt Size : Medium
  • Collar : 15"
Here's some photogenic shots of Anthony : 

Stay glued for more updates at the end of our Rough Cuts segment as we announce the names of those candidates who made it to the final cut ! 


Interesting Read from Another Site About Name and Concept

Special note :

We recently came to know that some other site has made sweeping statements everywhere and  accused us of associating our calendar with their name and concept.  And even mentioned on their site of copyright infringement.   It has also come to my attention that undesirable and even disturbing SMSes were sent to my business partners by certain personnel who has also tried to poach our models at the same time. 

We will like to highlight that our calendar is titled - Guys Next Door Singapore Series.   So I am bewildered by such claims of infringement and concept since the title of the calendar is different in every essence.  The only word I can think of that is similar is calendar and Singapore but those are certainly not copyrightable !  Our blog is about the making of our calendar and hence we aptly named our blog as Calendar Guys - Singapore Series, since in every sense of the title coupled with the blog description, it is a calendar with guys from our Singapore series !

Whereas we have our own theme and a guys next door story line,  a photo blog to detail the entire calendar process, great models, local endorsement, incorporation of a healthy social awareness campaign and we have our own mainstream following, others simply just sell a Singapore calendar without any plausible story line short of eroticism other than a "in-your-face" competition,  so I wonder where the association comes from ? 

We wish to clarify here that we have absolutely no association with such other site(s) and vice versa !

Stay tuned for our hot updates coming up and the final result of a wonderful piece of work that will certainly delight all our faithful readers  !