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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Audition Raw Footage : Final Part IV

Part IV, final instalment to the entire audtion footage.

Wee Ee providing feedback and me penning them down :)


As promised from Part III, that we would feature snippets of some of our hot bodied candidates,  here we were seen in the midst of interviewing one of our hot pair of twins, Jake.


Dashing young candidate, Drake, twin brother of Jake, facing the camera with a dazzling smile.  The photo itself spoke of a thousand words.  Need we have said otherwise ?

Our actual interview with Drake.

.... And so ends our final instalment to our open audition footage.  Due to publicity purposes, we were obligated to keep the list of candidates who made it through the audition under wraps, and hence we could only release a few selected photos from the casting over 4 mini parts.   Overall, it was a truly enjoyable experience engaging our candidates in lively discussions. 

The number of candidates who braved our open audition on 18 June 2011 actually totalled 42 over the 5 hour time frame !  There were candidates who could not make it due to personal committments and special arrangements were made to cast them individually at Style House thereafter.   In fact, we have yet to finalise all the spots on the calendar as we are still fielding individual candidates who are still streaming by as of now. 

Next up will be our second leg of the calendar blog titled - Rough Cuts where I will profile and showcase actual raw and unedited photos/footage of random candidates from the entire casting in casual wear and  swimwear/underwear.  This is by no means conclusive that these candidates would be those who made it to the calendar.

So who will eventually make it to the final cut for the 12 coveted spots and be featured in a full 6 page editorial spread on a local fitness magazine in September 2011 ?  Who will  be selected as the cover model of our calendar and also make it as the anchor fitness model who will grace the front cover of the magazine as well ?   

Well, stay tuned to find out !


Thursday, 23 June 2011

Audition Raw Footage : Part III

The youngest candidate to ever come for audition at only 17 this year.  Fine, stylish and lean young chap with a mix parentage.   Interesting character with a teenage appeal.  Will definitely keep him in view for modelling opportunities !

That's Jay Lo for you, deep in thought over the scores to give to candidates !

There was this interesting young candidate with nice freckles, a cheeky attitude and an overly quick response to questions which left quite an impression on me.   When finally asked to put on casual wear to access his appeal in attire, he was too quick to respond with "Why, you shy ah ?"  ....   I was totally taken aback by his unabashed demeanour, but certainly someone worth looking out for lol. 

Me and Wee Ee having an animated discussion over the scores and preferences of who should appear on the calendar !

Stay tuned for Part IV and some raw snippets of our hunky candidates !

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Audition Raw Footage : Part II

Judges hard at work evaluating and scoring the candidates we interviewed.  So many choices, limited spots.  So we had to decide carefully and score objectively.

In the meantime, Justin was busy taking measurements of the each candidate's chest, waist and hips.


More coverage of the judges discussing and evaluating the potential of each candidate. 


Yes another pic of us in a candid moment to lighten the atmosphere :)  LOL.


Photos all taken by our beloved Aidan.  To catch more raw footage, stay tuned for Part III and IV.  Thereafter, follow us as we take you through random candidate profiles, the anticipated second stage - photoshoot footage and more beyond !


Monday, 20 June 2011

Audition Raw Footage : Part I

The judges arrived at 1330 hrs on 18 June 2011.  Here we are from left : Justin, Aidan, Jay, Wee Ee and of course, me (Albert) !

Whilst preparing the office for the shoot and partitioning the interview area, some candidates started streaming in as early as 1340 hrs, ahead of the scheduled open audition at 1400 hrs.  Without any delay,  Justin went straight off to hand out the casting forms and queue numbers as well as coordinate the candidates over their individual shoots and interviews.  Thereafter, Aidan took upon the task of taking casting shots of each candidate in casual wear as well as in swimwear.

In between shoots, Aidan also took time to take photos of us interviewing the various candidates too :)

See me grading the candidates lol ! 

End of Part I.  To be continued :)


Sunday, 19 June 2011

Prelude to the Audition Raw Footage : Criteria For Model Selection

On the selection of models for our sporty guys next door calendar, we basically rated potential candidates based on the following criteria :
  • Physique
  • Looks
  • Overall Appeal
  • Personal Grooming
  • Photogenic Factor
  • Confidence Level posing in front of the camera
Other factors we looked into during the Q&A session included :
  • Profiling them based on their favourite sports or a sporting activity that they excel in.
  • Spontaneity in the interaction with the judges
  • Their personal best attributes
After each Q&A session, we rated each candidate based on the above factors.  At the end of the entire casting call, the judges set down together and ranked the candidates based on the consolidated scores and came up with the shortlisted list of candidates whom we deemed would make it to the final cut of models for the Guys Next Door, Singapore Series 2012 Wall Calendar.

Without much further ado, onwards to the raw footage of our open audition !

Back from Audition !

Juz got back from the audition !  The turnout was great !

Will update the raw footage soon !