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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Footage of Our Booth at EQUUS Pink Night. 25 August 2011

A short break from the outdoor location shoot raw footage, below are snapshots of our models and booth at EQUUS Pink Night.  But first, a little info about the play :

EQUUS is an award-winning West End and Broadway hit that is currently staged by Toy Factory Productions.

Inspired by real events, Peter Shaffer's Equus weaves the story of a community – psychiatrist, lawyer, family and friends – struggling to come to terms with the horrific actions of a young man, who by all accounts seemed normal, until he blinded six horses with a metal spike.  In defiance of our safe, sterile, superficial world, Equus boldly asks the question: "Have you ever really felt passion?"  Lead actor is Ethan Chia in a breakthrough performance.  Rated R18 with nudity.

Up first, we see the guys getting ready for the event :

Our guys waiting for their turn for some touching up and styling :

Here's me and Larry of Toy Factory Productions :

Our booth at the play :

Our models having a candid moment and preparing for the launch :

Eagerly waiting for the crowd to come in :

Prep talk in progress :

Here's a nice lineup of 8 of our models :

Seen here with Bryan Choong of Ogachaga :

A group shot with Dima making it to the event and with friends :

To view more snapshots of the EQUUS event, do visit our Fanpage and check out the photos section !

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