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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Audition Raw Footage : Part III

The youngest candidate to ever come for audition at only 17 this year.  Fine, stylish and lean young chap with a mix parentage.   Interesting character with a teenage appeal.  Will definitely keep him in view for modelling opportunities !

That's Jay Lo for you, deep in thought over the scores to give to candidates !

There was this interesting young candidate with nice freckles, a cheeky attitude and an overly quick response to questions which left quite an impression on me.   When finally asked to put on casual wear to access his appeal in attire, he was too quick to respond with "Why, you shy ah ?"  ....   I was totally taken aback by his unabashed demeanour, but certainly someone worth looking out for lol. 

Me and Wee Ee having an animated discussion over the scores and preferences of who should appear on the calendar !

Stay tuned for Part IV and some raw snippets of our hunky candidates !

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