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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Prelude to the Audition Raw Footage : Criteria For Model Selection

On the selection of models for our sporty guys next door calendar, we basically rated potential candidates based on the following criteria :
  • Physique
  • Looks
  • Overall Appeal
  • Personal Grooming
  • Photogenic Factor
  • Confidence Level posing in front of the camera
Other factors we looked into during the Q&A session included :
  • Profiling them based on their favourite sports or a sporting activity that they excel in.
  • Spontaneity in the interaction with the judges
  • Their personal best attributes
After each Q&A session, we rated each candidate based on the above factors.  At the end of the entire casting call, the judges set down together and ranked the candidates based on the consolidated scores and came up with the shortlisted list of candidates whom we deemed would make it to the final cut of models for the Guys Next Door, Singapore Series 2012 Wall Calendar.

Without much further ado, onwards to the raw footage of our open audition !

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